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Android 12

Android 12 is official: here are the first news and the first Developer Preview

di Patricia Maimone

Among several novelties, new modes and all new animations, the first rumors about the new version of the Google operating system, that is Android 12, promises sparks. The new OS that should be nicknamed Snow Cone is finally official and the first Developer Preview for companies and developers is also available for download. According to what was leaked from Google, there will be several news that we will see compared to what we are used to seeing with the current Android 11. In short, with the new version of the green robot we will have to expect a significant improvement that does nothing but increase everyone's curiosity. Let's see them together.

The first official news of Android 12

The news that Android 12 will bring to our devices (or rather compatible ones) will be many, and by now we know! Here are the first unveiled by Google for developers.

  • Notifications: New design that focuses on ease of use and includes new transitions and animations.
  • New APIs: for easier management of content from keyboard, clipboard or other sources to move content between different applications.
  • Haptic feedback for audio: the feature arrives that will allow smartphones to vibrate automatically and generate feedback based on the audio played.
  • Full screen gestures: improvements have been made.
  • HEVC transcoding: better handling of H.265 codecs
  • AVIF Support: Android 12 adds it for images.
  • New mainline modules: Android Runtime is now upgradeable through the Play Store.

In addition to the news unveiled by Google we also want to emphasize three interesting innovations recently leaked: the smart rotation, the game mode and the reduction of bright colors.

  • La automatic rotation, otherwise known as Smart Autorotate, seems to be one of the most anticipated. How many times, in fact, has it happened to us to want to rotate the screen and witness delays? How many more does the screen rotate without the need and, above all, the will? Well, the automatic rotation is a feature that, depending on the work of the accelerometer and gyroscope, can sometimes have some defaillance. With the Smart Autorotate these problems should be solved. Thanks to a more in-depth analysis, in fact, the rotation will take place only if necessary. Among all the possible analyzes, that of the front camera stands out, which could detect the user's face by adapting the interface according to its orientation.
  • A special attention, on Android 12, will also be placed on the gaming functionality. This will be based on the so-called Game Manager who will manage the entire games sector. Let's talk, for example, about aspects such as notifications, the various display modes.
  • With the reduction of vivid colors, Android 12 will also meet those who have visual problems and cannot use the smartphone comfortably. To cause inconvenience are the bright colors which, for this reason, could be reduced.

Update timing

Certain times have arrived on the arrival times of Android 12 in the final version. There is no longer a need to make assumptions based on what were the distributions of the previous versions. Android 11, we remember, arrived definitively in September 2020 while the launch of the preview dated back more or less to the month of February. Google will follow the same timing. You can therefore expect the beta release soon and the arrival of the final version for the end of the summer.

android 12 roadmap google
"Roadmap" of Android 12 (Google)

As for the compatibility of smartphones with this new interface, many are already wondering if they will receive it or not. Currently Google has confirmed it for the Google Pixel (3a XL, 3a, 3 XL, 3, 4, 4 XL, 4a 5G, 4a and for the new Pixel 5). Next, Android 12 should arrive on devices OnePlus (always very fast in updates) and on Samsung. Recall, for these latest devices, that the South Korean company has promised to update its smartphones with greater speed and for longer periods.

As mentioned, for the Pixels it already is the first Developer Preview is available for download.

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