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Charger, microSD and FM radio: the big absentees on 2021 smartphones

di Michael Frosty

Smartphones lose pieces: in the course of 2021 we may find ourselves saying goodbye to important components and features which will no longer be included on the latest models. The feature that will permanently disappear from all phones is the FM radio, because in Italy a new law which imposes its presence only on devices that support DAB + technology.

Given that smartphones are not equipped with it, FM radio will be eliminated on all new models but also on old ones and already purchased through software updates. OPPO and Realme, unfortunately, will not be outdone and will be forced to remove the FM radio as Samsung is already doing. Furthermore, it appears that major manufacturers are trying to follow in Apple's footsteps and thus eliminate the charger from the packs of phones for "green" reasons. It has already happened with the iPhone 12 series, which has been followed by Xiaomi Mi 11 a few days ago.

And the smartphones of the Samsung Galaxy S21 series will also follow, arriving on January 14th, although not in all markets. While this is a policy to protect the environment, it will also force customers to pay additional costs to purchase the charger separately. In the end, micro SD cards may also soon retire, at least as regards top-of-the-range smartphones. The micro SD slot is already absent on the top of the range of OPPO and Realme, as well as on those of the vast majority of manufacturers.

According to the latest rumors, for the first time Samsung has decided to remove the micro SD slot from the S series models: the Galaxy S21. A choice that makes sense for some, given the large amounts of internal memory that today's smartphones are equipped with. The trends it seems clear by now: smartphones more and more beautiful but less equipped: but are the deleted features and accessories really indispensable? Posterity will judge.

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