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ColorOS 11: all the news revealed in the screenshots of Android 11 Beta

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La Coloros11 (previously referred to as ColorOS 8, before OPPO announced the official one) has not yet been made official (here the models that should be updated), but OPPO is already testing the new user interface based on the Android 11 operating system within a beta phase. The international public beta was supposed to start today for several models, but due to server problems there are some delays. In the meantime, thanks to beta Chinese, we can admire many of the innovations that will be introduced with the ColorOS 11 within the first ones screenshot.

ColorOS 11: all the OPPO news in the Android 11 beta

Dark theme

dark coloros theme 8

One of the novelties of ColorOS 11 concerns the dark mode: OPPO has introduced the possibility of setting it not only in black tones, but also in different levels of gray. In all there will be three levels to choose from to set the colors of the dark theme, as you can also see from the screenshot above.


The customization options were reunited on one screen and new settings have also been introduced to customize your smartphone. We are talking about new options to create custom ringtones, the ability to change the Home screen grid and wallpaper by choosing between static or animated wallpapers.

Quick notifications and toggles

ColorOS 11 and Android 11 offer the option of change the shape of the toggles within the quick settings with 6 different choices ranging from the square to the circular shape, passing through the various shades. The quick toggle menu has been moved lower to be more easily accessible with one hand and the graphics of the notification center.

Smart sidebars

sidebar oppo android 11

The Smart Sidebar, which is OPPO's intelligent sidebar, gains new configuration settings that will make it more customizable.

coloros sidebar 8

Display and fingerprint reader

Interesting news also concern the Always-On Display mode, which receives new customization options: with the ColorOS 11 you can set text and images in Always-On mode, instead of just the current pre-set items (time, notifications). They appeared in the display settings new options for resolution, refresh rate, O1 Ultra Vision Engine, HDR video, Edge Lightning and DC Dimming. News also regarding the fingerprint reader, which can be used with the screen unlocked to bring up customizable shortcuts. Finally, new animations have been added for unlocking by fingerprint.


color camera settings 8

The ability to measure the composition with the level using the gyroscope, new settings for portrait mode and AI Ultra Clear mode. Here comes the inertial zoom to make it more fluid zoom in videos and 3D audio recording always for videos.

Multi tasking

multitasking oppo android 11

In order to make navigation in the multi-tasking menu easier, OPPO has decided to add the application icons open at the bottom, which make everything more intuitive and easy to access.

OPPO Relax

Several improvements have been introduced within OPPO Relax, an application created by OPPO to relax the user that is enriched with new options and aesthetic optimizations.

Game Space

oppo game space android 11

The Game Space is the space dedicated to gaming. With ColorOS 11 this mode brings new options, including the ability to check CPU and GPU usage and select whether to use the smartphone in mode Low-Power, Balanced and Competition which makes the performance more or less high. You can also block the brightness by deactivating the adaptive one, reduce connectivity and block gestures, keys and notifications during gaming sessions.

What do you think of the many new features coming with ColorOS 11 and Android 11 soon in beta international? Is there any that you would have liked but have not yet arrived or are they beyond your expectations? Let us know in the comments or in our community.

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