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oppo smartphone updates: how to update

How to update the OPPO smartphone: all the ways to update

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Do you want to keep the software of your OPPO smartphone always updated to the latest version? You are by no means the only ones: starting from the update to Android 10 and ColorOS 7, the software of the smartphones of the Chinese giant, starting from the A series up to the Find series passing through the Reno, has evolved in an incredible way.

And due to its great potential, more and more users want to download the latest updates as soon as possible. There are those who wait for the automatic update, those who update manually in advance and those who do it even with VPN by fishing for firmware updates from foreign countries.

But what are all the methods to update an OPPO smartphone? In this guide we will explain precisely how to update OPPO smartphone in all possible ways to always have the latest version of the coloros. We will start from the automatic update up to the manual one, providing you with all the necessary advice to maintain your software at its best, getting the latest news in terms of features, optimizations, apps and security patches.


How to update OPPO smartphone automatically (OTA)

This is the most classic update method and the main one to update an OPPO smartphone, that is to wait when the manufacturer releases the automatic update and download it. You can therefore use this method only when OPPO has made a new update available for your specific smartphone and the advantage is that you will always make the best update there is and always recommended by the company.

The OPPO updates automatically notified by the phone and arriving directly on the device are also called OTA (Over the Air) updates. To update OPPO smartphone via OTA, when the notification arrives, just tap on it and confirm.

If you have not received any notification and you want to check if an OTA update is available, you have to go to the settings and touch up Software update. If you find the message "Your software is up to date." no update is available, otherwise you can update OPPO smartphone by tapping on the appropriate item.

oppo a91 coloris 7.1 ota

How to update OPPO smartphones manually

It is also possible to update the OPPO smartphone manually, i.e. by performing the firmware download on the official website. Sometimes updates are not notified on the smartphone but a new version is still available, which may have been uploaded to the official OPPO website (Italian or other European countries) but not yet released via OTA.

It has happened many times on operators branded devices that the new firmware was made available on the site but was not yet available on the mobile phone. In these cases, it can be downloaded and installed manually. To check if a manual update is available, you need to go to Support section of the official website and click Software Updates, then choose your own model of smartphones in the present list.

To understand if the available firmware is different and more recent than the one you have installed on your smartphone, check the release date and the version code. So take your smartphone, go up Settings, tap on Software update and also check here the version code: from the final number in most cases you can understand if it is older or newer (or equal) to the one on the site. If the one on the site is more recent, you can download the update using the button Download and install it manually through one of the two procedures below.

Quick manual update

To update the OPPO smartphone manually there is a faster method and a more demanding one but recommended by OPPO. The fastest method involves only two steps: download the update (from the official site or other site that you consider reliable and that contains the right firmware following the one already installed) e touch on it to start its installation. The smartphone will recognize the type of file and will know that it is an update, and then proceed to carry it out.

Manual update in recovery

The manual update through the recovery mode is the most demanding method but it is also the one recommended to update the OPPO smartphone manually through a procedure always without hitches. And it's actually more complicated said than done. First of all you have to download the firmware from the Software Update subsection located in the Support section on the Official site (or from another place that you believe is reliable).

The firmware must be downloaded and moved to the root folder of your device (you can put it there through the app File management - section Phone memory - through a long press on the file by selecting Move, taking you to the root folder and tapping Move here). Alternatively you can put it on one micro SD.

Once this is done you will have to turn off the phone and charge it, Then turn it on by pressing and holding the power button and the volume down button until you see that the smartphone has entered recovery mode. From here you will have to select the item Install from device and then Install from internal memory (or Install from SD depending on where you placed the ozip file), then select update downloaded and tap on Confirmation.

So you will go to update the OPPO smartphone automatically and within a few minutes the update will be completed: to conclude, all you have to do is restart the smartphone. In summary, here are the steps to follow.

install OPPO manual update
  1. Download the update
  2. Move the firmware to the root folder of the smartphone (or to the micro SD) through the File Manager app
  3. Turn off the mobile phone
  4. Put the phone on charge
  5. Turn on the OPPO smartphone by pressing and holding the power key + volume down
  6. Once in recovery mode, release the keys and tap on Install from device
  7. Choose Install from Internal Storage (or Install from SD)
  8. Select the downloaded firmware
  9. Tap Confirm
  10. Wait for the update to finish and restart your smartphone

Advance ColorOS updates with VPN

We specify that it is not a practice recommended by the manufacturer, but in reality there is a way in which OPPO smartphones can be updated in advance. Since updates often arrive first in Asia than in Europe, and sometimes first in other European countries and then in Italy, updates can be obtained in advance. using a VPN app and making the OPPO smartphone believe it is connected from the nation where the update arrives early.

urban vpn app

With this trick you can get new software versions before they even arrive in Italy. If you want more information and want to find out how to do an update with VPN (Virtual Private Network), consult our dedicated guide that will explain how to find OPPO updates in advance with VPN.

Tips for a hassle-free upgrade

find oppo vpn updates

There are some precautions that you should always take to avoid problems when you go to update your OPPO smartphone. We list them below and we advise you to always take them into account before making any updates.

  • Make sure you have the sufficiently charged battery before installing an upgrade: if your smartphone turns off during installation you will damage the software and may render it unusable.
  • If you do not want to erode the data traffic of your telephone offer, always download the updates via one Wifi connection and not with your data connection.
  • If you have made a major update such as those that make you switch from one version of Android to the next, do a factory data reset (after making a backup of your data, because it will be deleted) to avoid bugs and performance problems that often occur with large updates. To do a factory reset or reset go to Settings, tap on Additional settings, select Back up and reset and then tap on Erase all data (factory data reset), then choose Erase all data.
  • Although these are remote eventualities, before updating your OPPO smartphone make sure you have a backup of your most important data to avoid losing them following an unsuccessful procedure.
  • Do not download updates outside the official website or OTA notifications if you are unsure where they come from.

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