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How to open apps with the fingerprint reader on Find X3 Pro and other OPPOs

di Michael Frosty

For sure it will happen many times to unlock your phone just to use a certain app. You'd like it find you directly in the desired application immediately after unlocking the smartphone? Now it is possible, thanks to a new function of coloros. As far as we know the functionality for now in Italy seems to be present only on OPPO FIND X3 PRO (searching for it on Find X3 Lite and Find X2 Neo we found no trace of it), but with future updates we expect an extension of the function to many other models as well.

But let's move on to the point: how does it work and how to set up this very useful feature of OPPO Find X3 Pro? Its operation is very simple: you can choose five applications to start after unlocking via fingerprint reader. Once chosen, simultaneously with the unlocking of the display, just hold down on the fingerprint sensor and make one swipe to the location where the app was set (All five around the sensor can be set to different locations. Here's how to set the feature:

  1. Go to the Settings
  2. Tap on Practical tools
  3. Select Quick Launch
  4. Activate Quick Launch
  5. Tap the button to edit the app menu
  6. Assign the apps you want

To check, lock your OPPO and try to unlock it with the fingerprint reader, but instead of removing your finger after unlocking, swipe to one of the applications you have set in the menu. For greater clarity we also leave you the official video that explains how to activate the ColorOS functionality on Find X3 Pro.

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