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How to create a private space on ColorOS 11: OPPO's advice

di Michael Frosty

Do you need to separate work from real life or do you want a second operating system in order to store all your sensitive data to keep away from prying eyes? With the ColorOS 11 you can do it very easily and OPPO has just explained how to do it through an official video that is easy to understand for everyone. The steps to follow are few and immediate and the first thing to do is to go to the settings.

In Privacy section of the settings you can find the appropriate functionality for clone the system: once you have touched it, you will be asked to enter the Password lock screen to access it. Once this is done, set a new password for the private space and confirm by tapping on Continue. ColorOS 11 will offer you the ability to easily switch between operating systems through the fingerprint sensor, using two different footprints for each space.

The procedure is immediate: based on the fingerprint you will use on the lock screen, the smartphone will automatically choose whether to show system A or system B. In the private space it is possible to synchronize notifications, quickly switch to the standard operating system and also cloning applications to use them with different accounts. In summary, to create the second space you need to:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select Privacy
  3. Tap on the system cloning function
  4. Tap on Create and Continue to go on
  5. Enter the lock screen password

This is just one of the so much new introduced by ColorOS 11, currently in distribution on OPPO smartphones around the world.


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