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How to take professional photos with Find X3 Pro: advice from OPPO

di Michael Frosty

The new OPPO FIND X3 PRO is one of the best camera phones on the market and also one of the most innovative thanks to the new one microscope camera. But a camera phone can only be fully exploited by those who know how to take pictures. In this regard, OPPO explained in a video how to take professional photographs with its new top of the range to allow even basic users to take good shots.

The first tip is to activate the Expert mode accessible from the Other tab of the camera app, then play with the various settings there to get the best shot. Among these OPPO recommends activating the mode for shooting in RAW format, which will provide the highest level of quality and most control in post production. Shooting in RAW generates a more advanced editable image after shooting, to bring out the colors more and increase the sharpness of the image.

Another tip is to tap on the top right gear in the camera app and then on enable 10-bit color mode of Find X3 Pro. To capture details at close range, OPPO recommends using the Microscope mode Find X3 Pro, accessible from the camera app's More tab. Finally, do not forget to exploit all the capabilities of the wide-angle camera which on this smartphone is exactly the same 766 Megapixel Sony IMX50 sensor used for the main camera, so the wide-angle shots are of the highest quality.

While in Expert mode, you can select the wide-angle sensor by tapping the tree icon at the top and choosing the 3 trees icon. We leave you to the video with the photographic experiments that will give you a taste of the quality achievable with Find X3 Pro.

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