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Where to buy OPPO in Italy: official product stores and resellers

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OPPO arrived in Italy in 2018 and in just 2 years it has become one of the top 5 giants on the Italian smartphone market: a real threat to every company that produces mobile phones, including the likes of Samsung, Apple and Xiaomi, leaders of the market.

But where to buy OPPO in Italy to get the official guarantee and maximum reliability? It is a question that many are still asking themselves given how young the Italian division of the manufacturer is, and that for many people it comes before the prices and reviews of the products themselves.

Buying an OPPO phone or gadget from an unofficial retailer could in fact mean no warranty or even worse immediate problems. This is why we have decided to publish a buying guide that explains you where to buy OPPO in Italy listing all the official stores and retailers of its products on the Italian territory.

Where to buy OPPO online and in physical stores


Were you wondering where to buy OPPO online in the most reliable place? Among all the official online retailers of the best OPPO products, Amazon is certainly the most important. Inside the most famous e-commerce in the world you can find one store opened by OPPO Italia, where you will find all its smartphones and technological gadgets available on Amazon.

Inside the marketplace you will find products sold and shipped from Amazon, and then you will have the opportunity to purchase by obtaining the best guarantee conditions ever. On Amazon, in fact, those who have problems with a product within 2 years of purchase can choose to obtain a replacement or a full refund rather than the normal warranty repair.


Everyone knows it: MediaWorld is one of the leading electronics chains in Italy. With MediaWorld you can buy OPPO both in physical stores and online, as the famous chain also has an e-commerce. And those who buy OPPO online on the MediaWorld site can choose to pick up the product conveniently in a shop (and also wanting to pay for it in the store) instead of opting for shipping. On MediaWorld you will find a wide variety of products from the brand's catalog, not only smartphones of all bands but also gadgets such as smartwatches and accessories.


Another of the largest Italian electronic chains is Unieuro, on which you can buy both OPPO and Realme as it is the official dealer of both brands. You can choose whether to buy in the physical stores of Unieuro or on the online store, and the latter also allows collection in the store in addition to simple shipping. On Unieuro they can often be found promotions interesting on OPPO and Realme products available for purchase, and there are both smartphones and accessories.


Also the Euronics electronics chain present throughout Italy is an official OPPO reseller. Both on its website and in physical stores you can buy a good variety of smartphones and even accessories. All the most common and reliable payment methods are supported on the site, as well as the ability to book and collect in-store orders placed online.


Monclick is an online store owned by Unieuro on which you can buy OPPO. On this E-commerce you will find the manufacturer's smartphones, often at discounted prices. In addition, Realme devices are also on sale on Monclick. Many times particularly advantageous offers are proposed.


There are official OPPO resellers who also have marketplaces on eBay and it happens that they propose the smartphones of the manufacturer to prices more advantageous than their official sites. In addition, many smartphones can also be purchased on eBay Realme, as this e-commerce is also an official Realme reseller.

With eBay it is possible to have the PayPal Buyer Protection that thanks to a complaint can guarantee a full refund of the product in case of problems such as non-shipment or damaged products.

Telephone operators (Tim, Vodafone and WindTre)

An often very interesting alternative to buy OPPO are telephone operators and specifically Tim, Vodafone and WindTre. In fact, telephone operators allow you to combine the purchase of a smartphone with a new one telephone offer, thus proposing the payment in installments smartphone. Payment in installments is also available on Amazon and at electronic chains, but there are those who prefer to pay the telephone offer and the telephone with the same subscription.

Other minor OPPO resellers

To conclude, we list other minor OPPO retailers but always official where you can find smartphones and gadgets of the manufacturer, even if with fewer offers or with a more limited availability than all those listed above.

  • Trony
  • Comet
  • SME group

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