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DxOMark is wrong to evaluate Find X3 Pro: no OnePlus 9 as a punishment

di Patricia Maimone

OPPO Find X3, made official a few days ago, was undoubtedly one of the most anticipated smartphones of the moment. The device, which ended up under the lenses of DxOMark, was heavily targeted for what seems, to date, a real blunder that the Parisian team had made towards the Chinese smartphone. Aware of what happened to OPPO, OnePlus has decided that neither theOnePlus 9 nor the 9 Pro they will be sent to DxOMark for testing. But what happened? Let's be clear!

OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro, no tests on DxOMark

OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro they will never be sent to DxOMark for the "classic" tests to which all new smartphones are subjected. To communicate it, officially, was the CEO of the company Pete Lau who wrote on Weibo "This year the 9 series will not be sent to DXO for testing". A post that came like a bolt from the blue and that hardly anyone would have expected until then.

oneplus 9 pro

Pete Lau, by the way, did not clarify what the reasons are that led his company to this choice. The only certainty remains that OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro will not arrive on the test benches of the Paris team. Although, however, an official reason has not been provided, many believe that OnePlus, at this moment, is showing solidarity with OPPO for the criticisms received by the Find X3 Pro, which later turned out to be, in part, the result of a blunder.

What happened after the OPPO Find X3 Pro tests with DxOMark?

To better understand it is worth taking a small step back to see what happened to theOPPO Find X3 Pro after being tested by DxOMark. The smartphone was criticized not to be equipped, like some predecessors, with a periscope sensor. But, up to now, there would have been nothing particularly serious. In fact, it was something else that caused the blunder.

DxOMark, in fact, found that, contrary to what the company had stated at the time of the presentation, on the OPPO smartphone the FreeForm lenses for the wide angle were absent. The accusation was serious and involved a lie on the part of OPPO or, alternatively, the sending of a "counterfeit" device for testing. DxOMark was wrong, however, since this statement was immediately removed from the site.

Despite the obvious error, the image damage for OPPO is undeniable. And that's why OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro, by decision of the Chinese company (part of the same BBK Electronics conglomerate as Realme and Vivo) will not arrive at DxOMark. However, it is not the first time that the well-known benchmark falls into error causing a real storm. The same fate, in fact, happened days ago also at Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. There are also many who consider the evaluations on this site questionable. How will this be resolved? Stay connected to not miss the next updates.

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