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OPPO's foldout coming in 2021 will have the camera below the display

di Margaret Sanna

2021 promises to be the year of the selfie camera under the display: not only OPPO but also the other main manufacturers would like to point to it. The first giant to launch it was the Chinese ZTE with the model Axon 20 5G. We find one in the Asian smartphone 32 MP camera and an f / 2.0 aperture that becomes totally invisible thanks to the new technology. To solve the problem of the type of display to use with this type of camera, ZTE has resorted to an OLED panel, anti-reflective treatment and thickness at the micron level.

But it was OPPO that first showed the public a prototype selfie camera under the display first ever, in June 2019 during the Mobile World Congress in Shanghai. That model had flaws like poor selfie quality, but the company has been working on improving it ever since. OPPO's first commercial model with the selfie camera under the display will also be a foldable model, according to Ice Universe. In fact, OPPO is betting everything on innovation to stand out among the leaders of the smartphone market.

Xiaomi has also created a smartphone with a camera under the display: My 10 Ultra. And this company is also planning to launch a new device with an under-screen camera for 2021. Samsung is another company that is about to launch a new foldable with Under Screen Camera. It is shortly to find out the result of these advances: releases are scheduled for 2021. New models from ZTE and Vivo are also on the way.

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