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The ColorOS team answers users' questions about updates

di Michael Frosty

- updates are one of the issues for which the owners of OPPO smartphones show more interest. It is for this reason that in order to dispel as many doubts as possible, the ColorOS development team has made itself available to answer all the most frequently asked questions from users regarding updates to its Android-based customization.

The team members commenting on the updates are the ColorOS Operations Manager, the Developer Engineer and the Project Manager. Below are the questions asked by users and the related answers from the team.

Q: Why can't I upgrade directly to the stable version of ColorOS?

A: We initially recruit a set number of users in different regions to test the latest beta. The beta may not be stable, but it does not negatively affect the daily use of the smartphone. The version is released in staggered mode and at the same time an official group of beta testers is formed to quickly collect user feedback.

Most of the bugs are fixed after several iterations of the beta version, after which the stable version, ie the official one, is released in stages.

Q: Why won't my smartphone get the latest ColorOS update?

A: Due to the user experience and smartphone hardware, we unfortunately cannot upgrade every existing model to the latest version of ColorOS. Some models cannot be updated to the latest version of Android due to hardware, due to lack of necessary performance and storage space. To preserve the user experience, we only release the latest version of the operating system to models that are eligible to be updated.

Q: Why do we have to wait a long time to receive the update?

A: Over the past two years ColorOS has been updated at an accelerated rate. For ColorOS 11 we got a simultaneous launch as Android 11, but this also caused compatibility issues with third-party applications. For this reason, we actively work with third-party app developers to resolve these issues and provide the best user experience.

Q: Why is the update released later in my country than in other regions?

A: We know that some regions and some models may not receive the update timely. Due to the pandemic, the operator certification process has been postponed. We are working together with the operators for the tests and for obtaining the certification of the new version as soon as possible, so that users can receive ColorOS 11 in time.

Q: Why does my smartphone have bugs after the update?

A: First of all, we apologize for any problems that may occur on the beta and stable version of ColorOS. Due to large-scale upgrades and rebuilding of the entire operating system, a whole background learning process is required to perform the best optimization.

In these cases, conditions such as abnormal power consumption and smartphone overheating will only happen for a short period of time and will all be resolved after a period of regular use. We assure users that the operating system experience will improve. We are grateful for any feedback from users and their continued support contributes to the beta.

Q: What does the OPPO team do after receiving user feedback?

A: User feedback is very important to improve the version. After receiving them, we try to restore the usage scenarios found by using logs to start the analysis.

We also conducted a series of tests and optimizations to the new software for a smoother experience and significantly decreased power consumption compared to the previous version. We collect all user feedback to close the loop and thank you very much for your support and understanding.

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