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FM radio will disappear from all smartphones in Italy, new and already sold

di Michael Frosty

Get ready to say goodbye to FM radio on your smartphone for good: the law will dictate it. It seems absurd, but this is what emerges from the Government's Unblocking Cantieri decree. The text of the law clearly states that "all appliances for sale equipped with FM radio must also be capable of receiving DAB + digital radio services". Smartphones are among this type of device and as such, according to the law, they should integrate an antenna to receive i DAB + content.

In reality this is not the case, and it is precisely for this reason that manufacturers will probably be forced to remove the FM radio from their smartphones. The obligation to comply with the law applies to producers starting from December 30 2020. Starting from this date, it is likely that the functionality will be inhibited on all smartphones on the market.

But not only: for this to be possible, it is necessary for manufacturers to issue a updating which will inevitably come even on models already sold. In fact, it would not be possible to implement the update on models not yet sold leaving out those that have already been purchased and activated. Apparently Samsung has already started releasing a software update that inhibits FM radio.

About OPPO, Realme and other manufacturers there are still no information or statements. Those who want to listen to the radio can continue to do so using their internet connection via app or web. The news is causing great discontent and just think that many choose certain phones precisely because of the presence of a tuner inside them.

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