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oppo find x2 pro, predecessor of find x3

The Find series turns 10: here is the story of the OPPO top range

di Michael Frosty

It has been 10 years since OPPO released the first Find series smartphone. The most important line-up of top-of-the-range smartphones of the Chinese giant has come a long way since the first model and has always shown itself to be revolutionary and at the top of the avant-garde.

The letter from the president

oppo find letter 10 years

The president of the Global Marketing division Liu Lie has published an open letter in which not only officially confirms the launch of the new Find X3 series for the11 March, but also celebrates the achievements and emphasizes the innovations brought by the famous series in the smartphone sector. Liu Lie explains that the OPPO Find series has always revolutionized the high-end by integrating technology and art.

In the last 10 years they have come to the market 7 generations of products belonging to this series, including models that boast real records. Among these we cite for example a smartphone among the thinnest and lightest ever with only 6,65 mm thick, but also the Find X which with its slider has hidden all the cameras ensuring an extremely clean design.

Through this series the company has tried as much as possible to accurately perceive the needs of users and the changes in the competitive environment of the sector: within the company there have been heated debates for the decision of the characteristics of the various devices.

OPPO has not stopped recalibrating and starting over in the process of designing the various models, while keeping each generation of the Find series in line with the original vision, which is to innovate, explore (as the name suggests) and "illuminate the mind with technology ".

History and evolution of the OPPO Find series

The first smartphone of the OPPO Find series was Find ME: a smartphone with a sliding physical keyboard released in the distant past 2011. In 2012 came the Find 3, the first top of the range with dual-core processor. Also in the same year he made his debut Finder, which at only 6,65mm thick was one of the thinnest and lightest smartphones of the moment, the thinnest at the time, to be precise.

Find Muse and the 5 series composed of the 5 standard and the 5 Mini, which was succeeded in 2014 by the 7 series with 7 and 7a. From that year OPPO decided to give us a cut with the top of the range and for 4 years the series was not updated, until arriving in 2018, when the innovative was released Find X with slider camera, also launched on the global market and in Italy.

Last year was practically that of the consecration with the arrival of the series X2 (for the first time with 3 variants), while on March 11, 10 years after the first smartphone, the series will arrive Find X3 composed of 4 variants of which at least 3 will arrive in Italy.

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