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oppo original kevlar cover

The original OPPO covers are available on Amazon: here are all the models

di Michael Frosty

Are you fed up with the classic transparent case and would like to equip your smartphone with a more beautiful or better case? Usually OPPO includes a silicone cover directly in the packaging of its smartphones to ensure its protection, however there are many other alternatives. Often there is no need even to resort to third-party solutions, because there are others original covers produced by OPPO for its devices.

Many of these original cases are available in Italy on Amazon, all official, for different smartphone models. The original covers that can be purchased on Amazon are of various types: among these we have the book cases with internal compartments, also known as flip covers, which also protect the smartphone screen. Then there are the semi-transparent covers and those rigid of various colors, among which we find the most valuable kevlar cases such as the one for Find the X3 Pro. Prices start at 5 euros and go up to 45 euros for the more refined ones.

Below you will find a list of all the models for which at least one original case is available on Amazon and the related models that can be purchased, followed by the purchase links.

  • Find X3 Pro: Kevlar Aramid Case
  • Find X2 Pro: flip cover
  • Find X2 Neo: flip cover, kevlar case, semi-transparent case
  • Find X2 Lite: flip cover
  • Reno2: cover in synthetic leather
  • Reno2 Z: cover in synthetic leather
  • Reno: red silicone case
  • Reno 10x Zoom: Kevlar hard case
  • Reno Z: silicone cover, pink liquid silicone cover
  • A52 and A72: Liquid Silicon Case, flip cover, semi-transparent case (A72 only)
  • A91: flip cover
  • A15: flip cover in leather
  • A5 2020 and A9 2020: flip cover, transparent silicone case
OPPO ORIGINAL Cover, Oppo Find X3 Pro 17 cm (6.7 ") Mobile Case, Black Color
Official OPPO case designed for Find X3 Pro; Compatible phone models: OPPO Find X3 Pro 5G
31,49 €
OPPO Reno2 Z Cover in Blue PU Synthetic Leather
Designed for OPPO Reno
22,99 €
OPPO COVER CASE Liquid Silicon Case TPE A52 and A72, Green
Durable silicone back cover; Reliable protection from scratches and bumps; All buttons and connections are fully accessible and usable
23,67 €
OPPO Case with flap for Find X2 Neo Blue
OPPO Case with flap for Find X2 Neo Blue
7,26 €
OPPO A15 Flip Wallet Case PU Leather and TPU Protective Case with Dual Card Slot Bracket Function Shockproof Case - Black
Premium PU Leather and TPU Flip Case; Card holder 2 slots inside the flap; Compatible Phone Models: OPPO A15
24,77 €
OPPO 3061804 Mobile Case 17 cm (6.7 ") Book Case Navy 3061804, Book Case, Find X2 PRO, 17 cm (6.7"), Navy
OPPO official book case, precisely designed for Find X2 Pro; Flap with side opening to protect the screen
30,44 €
OPPO Case with flap for Find X2 Lite, color: Blue
OPPO Case with flap for Find X2 Lite, color: Blue
7,22 €
Toshiba Protectors PU Flip Case A91 Blue
Protectors PU Flip Case A91 Blue
7,18 €
7,25 €
OPPO Backcover PC for A72 / A52 - Black
Official Oppo semi-transparent cover; Precisely designed for OPPO A72; Matte finish
14,84 €

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