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LG exits the smartphone market and Huawei is in decline: so OPPO will replace them

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The smartphone market is increasingly centralizing in the hands of a few giants. Among the most important we find OPPO, which is part of the Ouga group also containing two other major manufacturers: OnePlus e Realme. After the ban inflicted on Huawei by the US which is literally putting Huawei out of the game, another of the world's leading mobile phone manufacturers in history also leaves the scene: LG.

The South Korean company has indeed communicated the closure of its mobile division, a decision taken after the poor results of recent years in terms of sales, in order to focus on other areas of technology. LG recorded a 9,2% decline in revenue in Q4 2020 for its entire mobile division and the launch of innovative smartphones such as LG Wing was useless to revive it.

LG leaves a 2% share percentage on the smartphone market that will soon be swallowed up by the other giants in the sector. According to the latest reports, it will be OPPO, together with Samsung, to conquer the place left empty by the departure of the South Korean company. It is expected that OPPO will take over from LG in the mid-range and low-end, while Samsung will take over in the high one.

oppo 5g smartphone adoption rate

In the meantime, OPPO has also obtained another important result that brings it closer to absolute primacy in the mobile sector: outperformed Huawei in the adoption rate of 5G smartphones. In China, the brand is now a leader in the 5G smartphone sector with a very broad portfolio of models ranging from top of the range to low cost.


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