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The “citizenship smartphone” was approved with the Budget Law

di Michael Frosty

In Budget Law 2021 which has been recently approved by the Senate in conjunction with the confidence in the government on the maneuver, it also contains a very interesting novelty to address the digital divide and increase digitalization in Italy. We are referring to the initiative belonging to the digitization kit, which has been defined for convenience and not officially as "smartphone of citizenship ".

Thanks to this new plan, i households with an ISEE income of less than 20.000 with at least one member enrolled in a school or university course who do not have an internet connection or mobile phone contract will be able to receive one smartphone on free loan or a bonus of the same value. To participate you will need to be in possession of the SPID (Public Digital Identity System. In summary, here are the requirements:

  • ISEE less than 20.000 euros
  • At least one family member enrolled in school or university education
  • Not having an internet connection or a mobile phone contract
  • Have a SPID identity

For the new smartphone bonus 20 million euros have been allocated and the access procedures will be established within 60 days starting from the approval of the Budget Law on 31 December 2020. The TV bonus, which allows families with an ISEE of less than 20.000 euros to obtain a bonus of 50 euros on the purchase of a decoder or a TV pending the imminent frequency change of the digital terrestrial which will work with the DVB-T2 standard (not compatible with old TVs).

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