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MediaTek will launch the first 4nm processor and OPPO has already ordered it

di Michael Frosty

MediaTek will beat Qualcomm on time and launch the world's first processor built with a 4nm manufacturing process. At the moment the most advanced processors ever on a commercial level are built with a 5 nm production process and the new 4 nm process will allow greater optimization that will also consist in better management of consumption.

Production of MediaTek's new processor is expected to begin between the end of the 2021 and the beginning of the 2022, while the first smartphones with this SoC will hit the market next year. There are already some manufacturers who have booked the new chipset and among them there is also OPPO. In addition to OPPO, they also proceeded to place orders Xiaomi, Samsung and Vivo.

Quite high costs have been set for orders for the new MediaTek chip. The chipmaker got it from TSMC at approx $ 80 per piece, while 5nm processors currently cost between $ 30 and $ 35: more than double the price of current top-of-the-line processors.

According to the latest rumors, the new SoC is able to compete with the most powerful processors of the Snapdragon 800 series and at the same time significantly reduce energy consumption. The premises are indeed ambitious for a chipmaker who has recently succeeded in surpass Qualcomm in terms of chipset shipments.


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