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oppo a91 reno2 z update coloros 11

OPPO A91 and Reno2 Z update to ColorOS 11, but not yet in Italy

di Patricia Maimone

It was late summer 2020 when OPPO's ColorOS 11 was officially launched based on Android 11. A new version of the Android customization of great interest that, slowly, has affected many top of the range of the Chinese company. Currently the diffusion is widening and to testify it is the fact that the update is also affecting devices that are not at the top. If theA72 and A52 have already been achieved, now it's time forOPPO A91 and Reno2 Z which begin to update on the Asian market to the stable version. What are the new features? Let's see it together.

OPPO A91, the main news of the update

OPPO A91 upgrade to ColorOS 11 brings several changes on the device. We are talking about improvements that concern various aspects: from customization to usability, from performance to system management. In terms of performance, for example, it is worth mentioning the introduction of the AI ​​App Preloading which will allow us to predict, thanks to Artificial Intelligence, which apps will be used by preloading them to make them start faster.

Thanks to 'Quick Launch we can start any application by simply unlocking it through the fingerprint sensor. L'user interface of the new OPPO A91 will be fully customizable so that we can really "cut" it to our needs. The dark theme will predominate with new backgrounds and the ability to use different types of new icons.

Interesting news, among others, will concern the camera OPPO A91.

  • We will be able to proceed instantly with sharing and editing the photos just acquired;
  • we will be able to use a more efficient zoom;
  • any spots on the lens will be immediately detected;
  • the composition of the videos will be simplified thanks to the presence of levels and grids;
  • ability to save photos in HEIF format (to take up less memory space);
  • optimization of the photo editing function.

The OPPO A11 update to ColorOS 91 is currently concerning only devices located in Asia, specifically in Indonesia. It is not clear when the same will arrive in Europe and, in general, in the rest of the world. Theoretically, however, it shouldn't take too long. Finally, remember that the build in question is the F.11. We will keep you updated on the news that will affect the device in our country.

ColorOS 11 also debuts on OPPO Reno2 Z

While A91 received the ColorOS 11 update in Indonesia, OPPO Reno2 Z started receiving the stable version of the Android 11-based interface on a much larger market: India. In this case we are talking about the firmware version that carries the build number ending with F.02.

The release for India will be gradual and even in this case we still have no information regarding the update in Europe and Italy. For more information on OPPO smartphones that will be updated this month, we refer you to April roadmap.

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