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OPPO A91 does not give up and updates again 3 years after its launch

di Michael Frosty

OPPO is determined to offer users the longest possible software support and fully demonstrates this by updating even very dated smartphones. This is the case of OPPO A91, which after more than 3 years from the launch ed just under 3 years after its commercialization in Italy is still punctually receiving updates. Having started with Android 9, ColorOS 13 or 12 is not intended for him, however he has just received a new update that introduces security patches.

OPPO A91 has been updated in Italy with the firmware CPH2021_11_F.72, which introduces the February security patch, i.e. the penultimate ones released by Google. We point out that the manufacturer is at the release of this smartphone still did not guarantee three years of updates for mid-range devices, so the fact that this model is still updating is by no means to be taken for granted.

oppo a91 update march 2023

The one that has just arrived on OPPO A91 could be the penultimate update for this device: having been marketed in Italy a May 2020, your three years of software support will expire in less than two months and it should stop receiving updates. However, the situation is different Reno2, a model belonging to the same generation (we are talking about it because surely some readers would like to ask about it) but still marketed in Italy in October 2019, which has already reached the end of support for a while.

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