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OPPO opens the Color Research Lab to innovate smartphone displays

di Michael Frosty

The attention of OPPO in trying to provide the most exciting visual experience through their smartphones is now known to all. The Find X2 Pro is one of the best-screen devices to ever hit the market, and the company has no plans to stop experimenting and studying how to further improve the displays. of their devices.

These great ambitions have just led OPPO to partner with the Zhejiang University for the opening of the Color Research Lab: a real one research and development laboratory to invent more and more innovative technologies in order to improve the colors and the visualization of the displays. The new laboratory will help the manufacturer to develop technologies and products with very high color reproduction capabilities.

The laboratory was established at the Joint Innovation Center of Zhejiang University and aims to establish technical standards at the top of the market in the field of color science. For those who haven't heard of it, Zhejiang University is one of the best in the world for technological innovation and ranked 53rd in the 2020 QS World University Rankings.

How the research will take place at the Color Research Lab

OPPO will collaborate with the prestigious university in conducting research projects aimed at exploring all the core subjects of color science, color technology, technical standards and developing scientific talents and skills.

Models for practical applications will also be developed and a unique color technology platform established to develop innovative technologies and solve problems in color engineering. Color engineers will have the opportunity to be part of the research and development team by OPPO (recently joined that of OnePlus) at the end of important training courses.

OPPO believes that technological development should create benefits for every individual and will continue to actively work with academic partners to push the boundaries of imaging and color technologies. Below are the words spent on the new project by the director of photography Eagle Zhuo.

Thanks to years of innovation, OPPO has substantial experience and a rich set of feedback from consumers in the field of mobile displays and color management technology, such as the Full-path Color Management System. We will work with Dr. Ming Ronnier Luo and his team to introduce more advanced technical solutions into our product offering, with the ultimate goal of providing users with more opportunities to capture life at its best.

Finally, here is what was declared by the Dr. Ming Ronnier Luo, professor of image and color science at Zhejiang University.

I believe the Color Research Lab will achieve huge breakthroughs in image and color research, resulting in the invention of technologies and products with advanced color quality.


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