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OPPO starts partnerships to bring VOOC fast charging everywhere

di Michael Frosty

OPPO wants to go beyond the charger and make the quick charge VOOC a real ecosystem. To achieve this ambitious goal, the manufacturer has established new partnerships globally which will be used to bring its fast charging anywhere and in as many sectors as possible. New collaborations include brands such as FAW-Volkswagen, Anker and NXP Semiconductors.

These companies will help OPPO bring fast charging to the automotive sector (for example with the chargers already integrated in the cars), in the mobile charging (such as power banks) and in the chip manufacturing for the most diverse devices. Thanks to the arrival of VOOC technologies in these sectors, consumers will be able to recharge their devices quickly not only at home, but also by car and in public spaces.

The companies with which OPPO has decided to collaborate will work with its proprietary designs that are the fruit of more than that 2950 patents deposited in the world, of which 1400 have already been approved. Partner products equipped with VOOC technologies will be tested and certified by CTTL (China Telecommunication Technology Laboratory to ensure high safety standards.

This lab, which is among the largest certification labs in China, has already awarded VOOC technology a 5-star rating, and OPPO has partnered with the lab to release a technical report disseminating valuable information on fast charging, with focus on safety. This paper will be published shortly after the MWC in Shanghai which will end on February 25th.

Of the aforementioned partners, Anker will likely take care of bringing VOOC technologies to power banks, FAW-Volkswagen will integrate them on its cars in China and NXP Semiconductors on its chips for the automotive sector, for industry and for devices intended for public spaces. .

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