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oppo patent removable camera

OPPO patents the detachable camera and a clamshell folding

di Michael Frosty

OPPO is one of the companies that files the largest number of patents every year and consequently also one of the greatest innovators in the hi-tech sector. Two have just been found new patents that show innovative smartphone concepts that could be destined for the market. The most interesting is undoubtedly the patent showing a smartphone with a modular camera.

The posted images clearly show one removable camera which can be detached from the back of the device and operated independently from the mobile phone itself. The camera module has a connector USB-C, of a module NFC and connectivity WiFi and Bluetooth. Of course, in order to function independently, it also has one integrated battery.

The ability to remove it allows you to use it, for example, for selfies or selfies, but also as action cam or to photograph in uncomfortable situations for a simple smartphone. The form of OPPO it can also be connected to the USB-C port of the smartphone. Such a solution opens the horizons to several new usage scenarios that could revolutionize the world of photography on mobile devices.

OPPO also patented one folding smartphone: a model with a form factor similar to that of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. The device is shown with a folding clamshell display thanks to which it can halve its size when folded. The patent filed at WIPO also shows a hinge capable of stabilizing in 4 different angles. The terminal has no external display but mounts a triple rear camera positioned horizontally on the body.

oppo patent folding smartphone


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