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OPPO patents a circular OPPO Watch with a curved screen

di Michael Frosty

In contrast to the new smartwatches announced by Apple in its keynote yesterday (Apple Watch Series 6 and SE), OPPO has patented a new circular smartwatch. After all, the Chinese giant already has in its portfolio an OPPO Watch with a square-shaped display, and apparently with this new model it wants to opt for a device at the top of elegance and originality.

The unearthed patent filed with the CNIPA (Chinese National Intellectual Property Administration) on 9 September 2019 and published only yesterday shows a new version of OPPO watch which is not only round in shape but also has a curved display with a 3D curvature just like the first Watch that has yet to arrive on the market in Italy, which leads to a metal case.

The wearable features a gray frame and a single gray button with a green accent in line with the manufacturer's main color. The patent also shows a second square-shaped smartwatch with two keys similar to a volume rocker. On the back there are 5 components that could be sensors for heart rate and other measurements, but the back design is different on the square model.

Finally, the square version appears to have one SIM card slot. According to speculations these two smartwatches could become two variants of OPPO Watch 2: one for those who want a more elegant model and the other more sporty and independent from the smartphone thanks to the presence of cellular connectivity.


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