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OPPO changes strategy for 2021: focus on high-end and online sales

di Michael Frosty

OPPO has just held an important event in China that gives us an idea of ​​what the Chinese giant's plans for the new year will be. According to what was declared by Liu Bo, vice president of the company and president of the China division, it looks like there will be a major change in strategy. The manufacturer will focus a lot onsmartphone industry in 2021, putting user experience first.

Most importantly, OPPO has the intention of aim more at the high end of the market instead of economic products. The release of competitive high-end smartphones on the market is looming on the horizon to better serve the most demanding customers. In addition, the internal staff of the offline division told a well-known Chinese news site that the company plans to focus more attention on online sales for the 2021.

OPPO has always been a company that has focused a lot on physical stores, but this year things could change. It may not be a coincidence that OPPO has just closed its flagship store in Shanghai, one of its most important physical stores in China. The costs of physical stores are high and online sales can be a great opportunity to compete with the competition.

On the other hand, however, it should be emphasized that the company has no intention of abandoning the offline sales. In response to the closure of the flagship store, the manufacturer replied that in all of China there are over 600 physical stores in shopping centers which in 2021 will increase to 700, with the aim of reaching 1.000 in the future.

According to the latest Canalys market surveys, OPPO is the fourth largest smartphone manufacturer worldwide and the second in China, with a top spot that's very close after Huawei's big drop over the past year.

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