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oppo day 16 years 2020

OPPO turns 16: here are 16 curiosities about the brand that will amaze you

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Greetings OPPO! The Chinese giant in the top 5 of the most important smartphone manufacturers in the world, as well as one of the most innovative companies in the hi-tech sector, yesterday celebrated its 16 years of business. Many and incredible have been the achievements of the manufacturer since the launch of its first iconic mobile phone "Smiley Face" until now.

OPPO currently operates in more than 40 nations and regions, owns 6 research institutes and 4 research and development centers. Something crazy, if we think that the company began its journey only in 2008. The innovations that this company has managed to bring to the market are of great depth: among these we find the rotating camera of OPPO N1, the minimal design with slider Find X, Reno's 5x optical zoom 10x zoom and fast-charging technologies that have increasingly reduced phone charging times.

Just recently the brand managed to launch the fastest charging technology in the world announced in July with 125W of power. On the occasion of its sixteenth anniversary, the company showed the evolution of its devices and unveiled 16 facts and curiosities that all fans should know. We list them below.

  1. The OPPO name was created to be soft and pleasant to the ears, in order to reflect the delightful experience offered by each of its products.
  2. The company's products and services are present on all 6 continents.
  3. OPPO has over 350 million users worldwide - more than the US population.
  4. With 19.367 patents, OPPO is in the top 5 of the companies that have filed the most patents in the world.
  5. To maintain one of the highest levels of industrial quality, OPPO produces over 85% of its products in its own factories.
  6. Reno 5G was the first 5G smartphone in Europe.
  7. With just 5 minutes OPPO VOOC 125W fast charge, you can use your smartphone all day long.
  8. In OPPO centers, repairs are available in just one hour.
  9. OPPO will invest $ 7 billion in research and development over 3 years (many smart devices and services are on the way!)
  10. Its latest zoom technology (the periscope sensor) works up close, far, night and day.
  11. OPPO Gamepad C1 has set a new Guinness World Record as the largest controller in the world.
  12. Each smartphone from the manufacturer passes more than 390 tests before leaving the factory.
  13. Each year, the company intercepts an average of more than 300 billion cyber attacks to protect the privacy and security of users around the world.
  14. Benfen is the word that represents the past, present and future of the brand. It describes the company's culture and stands for “driven by users, aiming for perfection and goal-oriented”.
  15. The company's official fonts are available under free license to designers around the world.
  16. OPPO is the first smartphone manufacturer to hold a launch event at the Louvre in Paris.
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