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Today is World Earth Day and OPPO has donated 1.000 trees

di Michael Frosty

OPPO is green not only in the logo and in its brand identity, but also in the facts. And on the occasion of World Earth Day he decided to prove it. Through a collaboration with Treedom which resulted in the initiative #green OPPO, the company donated 1.000 trees to the forests of Ecuador and Cameroon to make the planet greener. A real forest that will bring a whole series of benefits.

The 1.000 trees donated for World Earth Day over 10 years they will absorb 60.250 kg of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and they will be useful not only at the environmental level but also at the level socioeconomic. For the maintenance of the forest there will in fact be the involvement of local farmers and consequently opportunities for gain, empowerment and training for the local community will arise.

OPPO is also leveraging its visibility as one of the most important smart device manufacturers to involve as many people as possible in the initiative. The name given to the initiative is #verdeOPPO: each donated tree is photographed, geolocated and will have a dedicated online page. You can follow the initiative by connecting to dedicated page on Treedom.

How OPPO respects the environment even in production

On the occasion, OPPO wanted to highlight its great attention to the environment that affects every stage of the life cycle of its products, from design to packaging, through production and transport, with the aim of minimizing the carbon footprint.

In 2020 OPPO succeeded in reduce total water consumption by 25,8%, electricity consumption by 12,4%, waste produced by 42,7% and indirect greenhouse gas emissions by 20%. The manufacturer also takes care to reuse raw materials to make products and packaging. The latter, in particular, are made with 45% renewable fibers and the colors for printing are soy-based to ensure respect for the environment.

OPPO also makes modular designs that simplify repairs and component replacements in order to make its products last as long as possible. 35% of smartphone components are made from recycled plastic.

Even the latest smartphones of the A Series have been made with attention to the environment: the new ones A54 5G, A74 5G and A94 5G in fact, they have an energy saving system that allows safe and intelligent recharging, with the possibility of customizing the recharging speed based on user habits in order to minimize energy consumption.

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