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OPPO and National Geographic explore the Mojave desert with Find X3 Pro

di Michael Frosty

After the project Uncover Antarctica, OPPO and National Geographic collaborate again to lead us to discover new worlds and landscapes through photography. The new project is called Out of This World Colors: a storytelling that focuses on the themes of innovation and exploration and has the Mojave desert as its protagonist, which is the closest thing to the settings of Mars that can exist on Earth. And so the people on Earth, while the Perseverance rover has begun to search for traces of life on the red planet, set out in search of landscapes reminiscent of Martian settings.

With the Out of This World Colors initiative, OPPO partnered with National Geographic and the award-winning photographer Keith ladzinski to discover the breathtaking landscapes of the Mojave desert using the top of the range Find the X3 Pro. Through the innovative 10-bit color management system, OPPO Find X3 Pro is capable of making stunning shots, with vivid colors and rich in detail, capturing up to a billion colors.

Thus mobile photography and display quality level up and maximize the degree of color depth, allowing people to capture the full majesty of the Mojave Desert. In videos and photos taken by the famous photographer who has been awarded numerous international awards, we can admire the atmospheres of the Mojave desert that are reminiscent of real Martian settings such as those revealed to us by Perseverance in the last period. We leave you with the photos and comments of Maggie Xue, President of OPPO Western Europe.

At OPPO we have always been driven by curiosity and the desire to explore. Our last trip with National Geographic for the “Uncover Antarctica” project was an incredible success, allowing us to combine exploration and technology in a unique and spectacular tale. Today we are thrilled to confirm our partnership with National Geographic through the “Out of This World Colors” campaign which will allow us to show how our industry-leading color management system is able to capture the true beauty of nature in a 1 billion colors

OPPO Out of This World Colors

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