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OPPO and OnePlus: the "merger" is served, but only for research and development [Updated: official press release]

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OPPO and OnePlus are two of the leading smartphone manufacturers in the world, but they are also part of the same conglomerate: BBK Electronics. In order to guarantee higher levels of innovation, the two brands now have even more aspects in common than before. The two companies have in fact decided to join their research and development divisions: now there will be only one, and it will be the same for both manufacturers.

According to the latest revelations, this process had already been kicked off in December 2020 and the first rumors about this "merger" date back to June 2020, but the news of its completion comes only now. Now between OPPO and OnePlus there is a bond similar to the one between Xiaomi and Redmi, since they share it same R&D department, and among other things they are also part of the Ouga group together. What will this union of research and development departments entail?

Let's start by saying that OPPO's and OnePlus's smartphones will continue to offer different software features: therefore, do not expect to see the same user interface on the smartphones of the two brands, because this will not be the direction taken. The points in common should instead concern the new ones innovative technologies, which could be in common despite being two different brands. To make the idea, we cite the example of quick charge to 125W: the same technology was announced by both OPPO and Realme, but with different names.

Update 22/01/2020: there is the official OnePlus press release that we report below translated into Italian.

To best maximize resources and further prepare OnePlus for growth, we are in the process of integrating some R&D capabilities with OPLUS, our long-term investor. OnePlus will continue to operate independently and work to provide the best possible user experience for current and future users.


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