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OPPO and Xiaomi are working on independence from Qualcomm and MediaTek

di Patricia Maimone

OPPO and Xiaomi sam among the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world. The two Chinese brands, not surprisingly, churn out devices capable of thrilling millions and millions of users around the world. In a period like this in which the Covid-19 pandemic has created problems in all sectors, the smartphone sector is not immune. There was talk of a clear shortage of Qualcomm and MediaTek processors. And here is that Xiaomi and OPPO rethink the proprietary chipset. Let's see the details.

Xiaomi and OPPO working on proprietary processors

It was February 2020 when the OPPO idea of produce a proprietary processor. We knew the code name of the project, that is Mariana . An idea that had remained so in an unsuspected era, since many events, at the time, had not yet heavily affected the sector. Same thing Xiaomi had done. In fact, during the summer of 2020, there was also talk of a proprietary chipset for the Beijing company.

Several months have passed since then. How are things now? Both Xiaomi and OPPO continued to work on their project. Both multinationals would have decided to entrust the production of the components to a Chinese company, UniSoc. No indiscretions, at the moment, on the actual dates on which the proprietary processors should arrive. Very likely to be talked about between the end of 2021 and the first months of next year.

The reasons for this choice

Given for certain that OPPO and Xiaomi will produce their own chipsets and that we will find them on the market very soon, it seems legitimate to ask ourselves the reasons that led both companies to this choice. To answer this question, it is sufficient, first of all, to look at the current world situation. The Covid-19 pandemic has negatively impacted many sectors and, as the smartphone market grows, the components market is affected by the crisis. We may soon find ourselves with a shortage of processors whose numbers may no longer meet the huge demand.

If we add to this that Qualcomm is American and that lately there have been several problems between China and the United States (we just need to remember what happened between Trump and Huawei), it is good to take cover from unpredictable decisions that could penalize. OPPO has no ban hanging over its head, Xiaomi had some problems, but producing proprietary processors could be the winning move to avoid being unprepared for particular problems.


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