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OPPO enters the HEVC Advance Patent Pool and demonstrates 5G Standalone

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OPPO is now part of the HEVC Advance Patent Pool managed by Access Advance, thanks to which the company will be able to access more than 13.000 patents essential for using the HEVC / H.265 video codec standard. This will allow him to improve the multimedia sector of his products. Following the accession, the CEO of Access Advance stated that the company's investment in research in innovation and intellectual property has made it one of the main contributors to the development of new standards in the world of telecommunications and average.

Among these standards we find the future VVC, and by joining the HEVC Advance Patent Pool the company will also be able to collaborate in the VVC program. For the uninitiated, HEVC Advance Patent Pool is a patent platform in which licensors and licensees participate, and HEVC is the successor to the H.264 / MPEG-4 AVC video compression standard.

OPPO makes the first calls in 5G Standalone

Immediately after the news of the accession, OPPO unveiled its collaboration with Qualcomm, Swisscom and Ericsson to improve 5G networks in Europe with the tech 5G Standalone. In Bern, the three giants of technology and telecommunications worked together to make the first voice and data calls using this standard. The test saw the use of Ericsson 5G Radio Dot System, 5G Core and IMS technologies, and was carried out with OPPO devices. Calls were made via VoNR (Voice over New Radio) and Ericsson Spectrum Sharing with Find X2 Pro and Reno4 Z 5G.

The experiment shows that with the use of FDD and TDD spectra in the low and medium bands it will be possible to significantly improve network coverage in Europe. Put simply, the companies demonstrated 5G New Radio carrier aggregation on FDD and TDD bands along with 5G voice services on a standalone commercial 5G network, technology that will play an important role in the near future of telephony and the improvement of telecommunications. The 4 companies will continue to collaborate to improve the 5G experience.

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