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OPPO F19 / Reno5 F will arrive in Europe as OPPO A94 (and without 5G)

di Patricia Maimone

Some OPPO series remain exclusive to the Asian market, but it often happens that the models that belong to them arrive on the global market under other names. That's exactly what's going to happen with the series as well OPPO F19: the standard variant, which has already been launched in Kenya as Reno5 F, will also arrive in the old continent, but with another name.

The now imminent F19 has catalysed the attention of fans for several weeks. And the wait is destined to grow exponentially since the device is arriving on March 8, 2021. In the last few hours, new rumors published by the well-known Evan Blass claim that the smartphone will arrive on various markets with different names. In particular, three options have been revealed that will concern the Indian, Asian and European markets. Which ones are they? Let's see it together!

OPPO F19 in Europe will be OPPO A94

Oppo F19, Reno5 F e A94 they are three names that do not identify three different devices but only one. According to the latest news, in fact, they would be the three names with which F19 will arrive on the various target markets. If in India we know it as F19, it will be Reno5 F in Africa (and in fact it was recently announced in Kenya) is Oppo A94 in Europe. When, therefore, the smartphone will arrive in Italy, it should do so with the latter name.

The names with which F19 will arrive will be different but the specifications they will be common across all markets. Based on what we know so far, we will have a 6,4-inch AMOLED Full HD Plus display with a resolution of 1.080 x 2.400 pixels. It will be powered by a MediaTek Helio H95 processor in combination with a 6GB or 8GB RAM and 128GB internal memory (expandable with microSD). The operating system will be Android 11.

As for the photographic sector of Oppo F19, the smartphone will provide one rear quad cam whose main sensor will have a resolution of 48 MP. This will be accompanied by an 8MP ultrawide, a 2MP macro lens and a 2MP mono lens. The 4.310mAh battery will support 30W fast charging. Three colors available, at least initially, namely purple, black and silver.

Different names also for the Pro + 5G variant?

Evan Blass certainly did not stop to reveal the three names of the Oppo F19. The tipster, in fact, also spoke of F19Pro 5G which could be coming to the global market like OPPO A54 5G.. It is very likely that the latter will be the Pro Plus variant of the device since what is referred to as F19 Pro (without Plus) does not have 5G connectivity.

To vary, for the most performing model, it could be the processor. In fact, we speak of a Dimension 800U in combination with 8 GB RAM and 128 GB expandable memory. The battery, also in this case, would support fast charging but would be faster being the 50W one. The other specifications should remain identical to those we have already listed. In any case, we will know more soon since the launch of the new F series smartphones, we have anticipated, has already been set in India for the next 8 March 2021.

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