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OPPO Find X3 will have 4 years of updates thanks to Snapdragon 888?

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Google and Qualcomm have joined forces to make an extension of software support for smartphones possible. Thanks to the new partnership between the two giants that will simplify the update process, it will be possible to get up to 4 years of updates for Android smartphones. And devices whose software support will last that long could also be included OPPO Find X3 and X3 Pro.

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It is specifically an extension of Project Treble which will allow the manufacturers to release up to 3 years of updates to new Android versions and up to 4 years of security updates. Support covers all devices launched with the new Qualcomm processors starting with Snapdragon 888 on. The OPPO Find X3 series will contain smartphones powered by the new top-of-the-range processor of the American chipmaker, however there is a clarification to be made. In fact, it will be up to the manufacturers to decide whether to provide the 4 years of updates or not, and at the moment OPPO and no other company have issued statements regarding the Find X3 series.

The 3 years of updates for the Android versions are already taking place on the Pixels and have recently also been ensured by Samsung: with this new initiative, wider software support could theoretically be guaranteed by all the most important brands. Qualcomm's PR has confirmed the chipmaker's support for 3 versions of Android and 4 years of security updates: a device with Snapdragon 888 will therefore have the possibility to start with Android 11 and go up to Android 14.

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