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OPPO: Find X3 will have an unprecedented display, 10 bit and 3% DCI-P100

di Michael Frosty

The release of the series OPPO Find X3 approaches and puts all fans anxiously waiting to get to know the main OPPO top of the range of 2021. Waiting for the great launch that it will take place in March, the company has begun to reveal some details of the new line-up by announcing the Billion Color Journey and the Billion Color Stories.

The new initiative of "disclosure" of information on new technologies emphasizes the display that will characterize OPPO Find X3. The manufacturer says the smartphone will adopt the Full path color management system, with 10-bit color management that represents "the next step towards imaging excellence and a truly billion-color viewing experience."

The manufacturer also reveals that the new system on board the OPPO Find X3 series is the first in an Android phone with support for the 3% DCI-P100 coverage and 10-bit color depth, which are guaranteed for the acquisition, storage and even display of images. The company also explains that 10-bit color reduces artificial visual elements created by the gaps in the color range e improves tonal graduation.

All this will result in an improvement in the quality of the images both during their creation and during the display, compared to the 8-bit color depth. In short, we expect an even better display than Find X2 Pro which was already at the top of the sector, for image quality that will border on perfection.

The screen of the Pro variant should arrive with a diagonal of 6,7 inches and a resolution Quad HD +. A refresh rate adaptive from 10 to 120 Hz. The smartphone will be able to display up to 1,07 billion colors. Between technical of the new top of the range there will be a Snapdragon 888 processor that will guarantee top performance in image processing.

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