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OPPO Find X3 Pro now supports 1Hz refresh rate - a huge savings

di Michael Frosty

OPPO FIND X3 PRO has received its first software update that introduces a feature that everyone will enjoy. As we have already pointed out to you on the occasion of the launching, the latest top of the range of the Chinese giant has on board a display with LTPO technology produced by Samsung, which is able to vary its refresh rate in an adaptive way. Thanks to the new update, the smartphone is capable of pass from a maximum refresh rate of 120 Hz to a minimum of 1 Hz.

Decreasing the refresh rate down to 1 Hz not only leads to less visual fluidity, but also visuals significantly reduced consumption, which results in a longer battery life. But many will be wondering: are there scenarios in which it is possible to use the smartphone with only one Hertz of refresh rate? If at first glance it seems utopian, in reality it is.

OPPO Find X3 Pro can automatically reduce its refresh rate to 1 Hz when the applications screen and the user does nothing, for example. A low refresh rate can also be useful for saving energy when reading an ebook, because the pages of the books do not need movement. In addition, applications such as YouTube run between 24 and 60 Hz and with the adaptive refresh OPPO Find X3 Pro can reduce its refresh rate to these values ​​automatically to extend battery life.

In short, the adaptive refresh rate with values ​​up to 1 Hz is a great way to make the battery last longer without any kind of negative impact on the user experience.


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