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OPPO has included a voice modifier in ColorOS for voice chats

di Michael Frosty

OPPO has created a feature that can be very useful for many users. The new function we are talking about consists of a voice modifier for voice chats and was introduced on the Game Space of ColorOS, although for the moment only in China. The company has brought everyone aware of the feature by advertising the new one Reno5 series, launched in China in December 2020 and which will arrive in Italy with different names, under the Find X3 series.

Since this is a Game Space feature, it seems that it can only be used in Games, and specifically in the matches online where you can communicate with your teammates or opponents. Using the voice modifier is quite simple: just recall the Game Space with a swipe during the game, tap on the appropriate option and choose the voice through which to speak through the voice modifier. So just speak and the voice will be changed automatically in such a way as to be unrecognizable.

OPPO offers the possibility to choose male or female voices and there is a wide variety available. Gamers will thus be able to guarantee the total anonymity or prevent teammates or other players from recognizing their original voice. Wired headphones are recommended for best results. For the moment we do not know if the arrival of this function is also expected in Europe. Even more interesting and useful would be its introduction in the calls as well as in-game, but at the moment there are no details about it.


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