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OPPO has sold one million smartphones in Italy (and that's just the beginning)

di Michael Frosty

OPPO has reached one of its most important milestones in Italy since it set foot on our peninsula: an official press release announces that the company sold its first million smartphones. The all-Italian result was achieved in just over two years from the landing of the brand in the Bel Paese and considering the success of recent times, we can say that this is only the beginning of its rise.

The company has managed to sell one million smartphones thanks to collaborations with the main ones electronics chains and with telephony operators, but above all thanks to the Italian consumers who increasingly decide to choose OPPO for the quality and high-level performance of its devices. OPPO thanked all the users who supported it and said it intended to always ensure the highest quality.

Now the gaze goes to the new one Find X3 series, to be released on March 11, which will help to grow the brand even more in Italy as well as in the rest of the world. OPPO is currently the fourth largest smartphone manufacturer in the world and has recently become the first on the Chinese market. Below is the comment of Isabella Lazzini, the new Chief Marketing Officer of the Italian division.

We are proud to celebrate the first million smartphones sold in Italy and we want to thank all users who continue to choose our products and support us every day: our daily commitment is aimed at them and our goal is to constantly guarantee cutting-edge experiences and the highest possible quality. We are confident that the new OPPO Find X3 Series will be received with great enthusiasm and that it will allow us to further consolidate growth in our country. With these premises we hope that this is only the first of a series of important milestones

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