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OPPO will launch a 7,7 ″ foldable with Samsung OLED display in 2021

di Michael Frosty

Lo OPPO X 2021 extensible smartphone it is not the only device with a folding display in OPPO's plans, quite the contrary. The manufacturer plans to launch one in 2021 foldable smartphone that can fold vertically into a clamshell. But it would be something different from Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip and Motorola Razr, because when open its display would have a diagonal of 7,7 inches.

This is what was revealed by a report from the Korean newspaper TheElec. The display of OPPO's folding smartphone would allow it to have a hybrid form factor, a cross between Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip as it will be a device that folds vertically but at the same time takes on dimensions closer to those of a Tablet. The display of this terminal will be a OLED and will be provided by Samsung Display, which this year will also ship foldable screens to Xiaomi and Google.

OPPO's foldout should also have an external screen that will have a diagonal of around 2 inches. Instead, it seems that Xiaomi's model will be larger, with an 8,03-inch internal screen and a 6,38-inch external screen. Finally, that of Google would be 7,6 inches. While Samsung and CSOT (TCL) will participate in the supply of displays to Xiaomi, for OPPO the only supplier will be Samsung. In summary, the foldable of OPPO coming soon by 2021 it should have the following characteristics:

  • Foldable clamshell display
  • 7,7 inch diagonal
  • Approximately 2 inch external screen
  • OLED panel provided by Samsung Display

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