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OPPO is already thinking of Reno 5: three variants, 5G and Snapdragon 860

di Michael Frosty

Although very little has passed since launch of the Reno4 series on the Asian market (which has not even been launched in Europe so far), it seems that OPPO is already thinking about the successors of the Reno 5 series. A leakster on the Chinese microblogging platform Weibo has revealed that the new line-up will consist of 3 different variants - their names could be Reno 5, 5 Pro and 5 Ultra (or 5 Pro Plus).

All three OPPO devices would have support for 5G networks, while the processor would change based on the variant. The standard one would mount the medium-high-end SoC Snapdragon 775G, successor to the 765G, not yet announced by Qualcomm. The two most powerful variants would instead be characterized by the presence of Snapdragon 860, another unreleased processor from Qualcomm that in terms of performance would be positioned between Snapdragon 855+ and 865.

With these SoCs on board, it would be medium-high and high-end. Unfortunately at the moment these are the only features leaked about the OPPO Reno 5 series, and they are not even officially confirmed by the manufacturer. After all, the release of these devices is still far in time and it is too early to have their complete technical data sheet. However, our sources are convinced that more information will leak in the next period.


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