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oppo extendable display

OPPO prepares Reno 5 Pro with Dimensity 1000+ and extendable smartphone

di Michael Frosty

Big news is boiling in OPPO's pot. The manufacturer filed a patent at the end of April (approved today 13 November) that shows one of the most innovative smartphones seen in recent times. It is a model that follows in the wake of the prototypes recently unveiled by LG and TCL and is characterized by a extendable and rollable display. Thanks to this type of panel, the display can become very large and on the contrary the smartphone can become very compact if necessary, by rolling up the screen.

oppo extensible smartphone

It is not yet known whether the company intends to make this smartphone commercially available, but we may have more information on the occasion of theINNO Day 2020 to be held on November 17th. Meanwhile on Geekbench a new OPPO smartphone has appeared which, according to the most accredited hypotheses, is the Reno 5 Pro. The benchmark platform identifies the phone with the model code PDSM00 and reveals its main hardware features.

oppo reno 5 pro geekbench

The alleged OPPO Reno 5 Pro it is powered by a processor Dimension 1000+ (which in terms of performance is positioned between Snapdragon 855+ and 865) supported by 8 GB of RAM memory. The operating system installed is Android 11 and the scores obtained on Geekbench amounted to 2392 and 5836 points respectively in single core and multi core performance. According to rumors the Reno 5 series including the Pro variant will come announced between December 2020 and January 2021.


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