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OPPO presents remote charging at MWC: here is Wireless Air Charging

di Michael Frosty

Until a few years ago it would have been utopia, but now it is reality: OPPO showed its first at MWC 2021 in Shanghai remote charging technology smartphone. The technology is called Wireless Air Charging and was demonstrated with the OPPO X 2021 concept phone from the extendable display.

A short video shows the smartphone charging on a wooden base wirelessly, but without establishing no contact with the base. The device is lifted from the charging pad and swiveled, but continues to charge quietly. It seems that remote wireless charging can take place at a maximum of 10 centimeters from the charging pad.

Enough distance to use your smartphone comfortably holding it in your hand with no charger cables interfering. OPPO he calls it an adaptive matching technology and explains that it automatically optimizes charging and improves its efficiency. Wireless Air Charging uses magnetic resonance and reaches a power of 7,5 (It is therefore not considered fast charging like VOOC technologies, which start at 20W, and this seems to be the reason why VOOC is not included in the name).

OPPO Wireless Air Charging seems at first glance a less advanced technology than the remote charging technologies recently presented by Xiaomi and Motorola, which allow the smartphone to recharge even at a distance of meters.

However, in all cases we are talking about concepts and the easiest-to-apply OPPO solution could arrive first on the market, as well as guaranteeing faster battery charging speeds. For now there is no information regarding the arrival on the market of this solution or the extensible smartphone Oppo X 2021.

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