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oppo ip camera and smart doorbell

OPPO aims at the smart home and patents IP Camera and doorbell

di Michael Frosty

How it started to do Realme in the wake of Xiaomi and the other major smartphone manufacturers, OPPO seems intent on expanding very significantly soon also in the home automation sector. The company in fact, it has patented two intelligent products for the smart home whose arrival on the market may not be far off. The patents have been filed with the CNIPA (China National Intellectual Property Administration) and recently disclosed.

One of the two patents relates to OPPO's first IP Camera: a surveillance camera characterized by a spherical shape and a stable support to rest it on surfaces. The rear of the IP Camera houses a speaker for sound. OPPO's second patent shows a smart doorbell complete with a video camera reminiscent of the Arlo from the video surveillance brand launched by Netgear.

The device can connect to smartphone wirelessly making it possible to monitor what happens in front of one's home. For now they are only patents and there is no official information regarding the marketing of these two OPPO products. But an expansion in home automation is a fairly logical step forward by a company like OPPO that has already begun to go beyond smartphones with products from the AIoT ecosystem such as smartband, smartwatch and headphones.


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