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oppo x 2021 extensible smartphone

OPPO bets on folding smartphones: 4 models coming in 2021

di Michael Frosty

Although so far it has not placed any such model on the market, OPPO is planning to launch 4 foldable smartphones for 2021. He reveals it Ross Young of DisplaySearch, considered a reliable source for the smartphone sector. The intention to commercialize the beauty of 4 models in just one year is definitely a symptom of the fact that the company strongly believes in the foldable niche, and after seeing the success of Samsung's Galaxy Fold series that almost monopolized it, it is quite enough. understandable.

Unfortunately, no further details have been provided and we do not know which smartphones with folding display OPPO will be able to market in 2021. However, we do know that the OPPO X 2021 concept phone. We are talking about a device that is not equipped with a simple two-part folding screen, but with a panel extendable and rollable in order to change its dimensions from those of a smartphone to those of a tablet (and vice versa).

The 4 models would be arriving, to be precise, in the second half of 2021. OPPO is not the only manufacturer planning the launch of new folding smartphones, and it is not even the only Chinese one. Also Vivo and Xiaomi they would be working on 4 models, while Google would be working on only one foldable. And then there is of course Samsung, which according to the latest rumors will launch Galaxy Z Fold 3, Z Flip 2 and Z Flip Lite. Who will be able to make the model with the best form factor?

Source: Twitter

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