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OPPO explains how to customize the theme on ColorOS 11: all options

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Among the many revolutionary innovations introduced by ColorOS 11 currently being distributed on OPPO smartphones there are also more user interface customization options. This is a highly sought-after aspect, especially if we consider that in Europe there is no theme store that serves to better customize the user interface.

ColorOS 11 did not add the theme store in Europe, but it has brought new customization possibilities that allow the user to modify the system theme in a capillary way. For easier understanding, OPPO has just explained through a official video that the options to customize the graphical interface are divided into 3 areas:

  • Candle Dyes
  • Icon style
  • App layout

To access these options, go to the Personalization section located in the Home screen & wallpaper menu in the settings. By accessing the tab Candle Dyes, you can change the entire ColorOS 11 color scheme by choosing from predefined solid colors or by creating custom colors.

In the Set the style of the icons you can change the shape of the icons, their layout, the content, the size of the icon and the name of the app underneath it. Finally, in the section App layout you can decide the number of rows and columns that should be present on the app grid on the Home screen. No store themes, but its introduction becomes more and more superfluous thanks to an increasingly widespread customization of the interface. We leave you to the explanatory video.


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