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OPPO ColorOS 11

OPPO pushes privacy with ColorOS 11 and Android 11: the news is coming

di Michael Frosty

Just like version 7, the ColorOS 11 based on Android 11 will be a huge step forward for the software sector of OPPO smartphones. The company has already released one first roadmap which gives us an idea on the timing of the update globally, while currently testing it in beta on some devices. And in the meantime, important innovations and improvements emerge that the new user interface will bring to new smartphones and those already on the market.

The last of which we have news are those concerning privacy and security, with the privacy-focused feature implementations that Google has brought to Android 11. One of the features coming with ColorOS 11 is the ability to hide specific apps, which will become accessible only through a dedicated shortcut that can be used after entering a password.

There will also be an option for the protection of personal settings: When the apps request permissions for the call log, contacts, messages and events to work, the ColorOS 11 will be able to return empty results and prevent them from accessing the aforementioned data. There will then be one payment protection which will place the payment apps in a secure portal, managed by the user interface.

With the function PrivateSafe instead, it will be possible to lock images, videos, audio and other types of files with a password to prevent access not only to other users, but also to apps. There will also be a shortcut to access the private space. Through a permission manager you will be able to examine all the permissions given to the apps and decide to delete or grant them.

With the App Lock there will be the possibility to lock sensitive apps with a password to avoid unwanted access. Finally with the function DocVault, for now valid only for India, the ColorOS 11 will allow you to upload sensitive documents such as social security numbers and more on your smartphone and use them as if they were physical documents in places such as airports. In summary, here are the functions implemented by OPPO on the new UI based on Android 11.

  • App concealment
  • Protection of personal information
  • Payment protection
  • PrivateSafe
  • Permissions manager
  • App Lock
  • DocVault (India)


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