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oppo cheap smart tv

OPPO is about to launch a budget smart TV with MEMC and 120 Hz

di Michael Frosty

Many are not aware of it because they have not arrived in Italy, but OPPO has already launched its own first TVs last year. According to the latest revelations with a lot of official image in support, the brand is going to announce very soon a new model of smart TV and will be in the budget range. It looks like the new TV will be announced at the May 6, when it will become official too OPPO K9 5G and according to rumors also OPPO Band 2.

OPPO's new smart TV will be positioned in the entry-level band but it will still be equipped with very advanced features. Among these we mention the refresh rate to 120 Hz and technology MEMC (Motion Estimation Motion Compensation) which takes care of making scenes smoother. There will also be support for local dimming, anti-aliasing and AI PQ (AI Picture Quality), a technology that distinguishes frames with people and other types of scenes such as panoramas in order to adjust the sharpness automatically using artificial intelligence.

oppo cheap smart tv

With the aforementioned specifications, it would certainly be a great TV for gaming. It seems that OPPO is following the same market strategy as OnePlus, which first launched high-end smart TVs and only later low-end models. In fact, even the R1 and S1 models launched last year by OPPO have arrived on the market with mid and high-end specifications. Unfortunately, no one can yet say if the company intends to bring the new TVs to the Italian market in the short term.

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