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OPPO is about to release its first processor: codenamed Mariana

di Michael Frosty

The current shortage of processors and the difficulties regarding the supply of components faced by manufacturers such as Huawei due to the US ban has made it necessary for Chinese companies to find alternative solutions to ensure the availability of chipset for mobile devices. The Chinese giants, including OPPO, are doing everything to try to become independent and one of the best ways to take is to try produce the processors on their own.

Although it is not an easy thing at all, it seems that OPPO is close to achieving this result. According to the latest rumors from China, OPPO is very close to releasing its first proprietary processor. The new processor is internally identified with the code name Mariana and it would not be a classic SoC composed of third-party cores, but a co-processor produced entirely within the company.

The processor resulting from Project Mariana could arrive on the market under the name of OPPO M1: the company recently filed a patent just concerning this chipset. The existence of this chip was also previously confirmed by Liu Chan, vice president of the research institute. The release of a proprietary processor would allow the brand to be able to create smartphones without necessarily needing SoCs from companies like Qualcomm and MediaTek, increasingly in difficulty in supplying.


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