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OPPO unveils the O-Tower: its R&D department in a futuristic skyscraper

di Margaret Sanna

OPPO has assigned the O-Tower skyscraper of to the Research and Development department for its products Hangzhou. A headquarters worthy of the innovative drive of this division which constitutes the heart and vision of the company. And it seems that the company has spared no expense with the aim of surprising everyone and fully reflecting its brand identity even with architecture. In fact, OPPO to hit its goal of become one of the leading manufacturers in Europe, is betting everything on innovation.

The O-Tower is a work by BIG, a reality from Denmark that has become famous for designing a sustainable city in Malaysia. The purpose of the skyscraper was to symbolically connect heaven and earth with this building and give the idea of ​​an infinite loop of collaboration. A park of ben will soon be built alongside it 10 km square with a natural lake inside.

While the ring shape of the skyscraper, as well as providing more light inside, as already mentioned, incorporates the OPPO brand. The unique design of the tower will allow a lot of light to penetrate, block 52% of the solar heat and will contain floors of different sizes. Inside there will also be cafes, conference centers and various studios. In short, working in OPPO will also be an aesthetically suggestive experience.

After launching the new ones A series smartphone in Italy, and having earned recognition as best android UI from MasterLu, the Chinese company has also occupied another slice of the market: that of wearables for sports. In fact, the new ones have come out smartband in the Sport and Style version: lightness, safe monitoring of vital functions, different modes depending on the sport, are characteristics of this new OPPO product that arrived on the market earlier this month. The price? 50 euros for the Sport model.

Who knows what else the Research and Development division, which recently merged with that of OnePlus from the top of the O-Tower, will design, as soon as it naturally settles there.

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