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OPPO wants to become one of the leading manufacturers in Europe within 3 years

di Michael Frosty

After expanding into the global market, OPPO it took only a few years to reach the top 5 smartphone manufacturers in the world, and its rise is increasing in an increasingly overwhelming way. In 2020 the company registered a growth of over 200% on an annual basis in terms of shipments to Western Europe, despite the difficulties it faced due to the pandemic. In the future of the company, an even more marked growth is expected on the European market.

OPPO has in fact set the company goal of become one of the leading manufacturers of smart devices as well as one of the leading innovators in Europe, and he's going to do it on his own 3 years. The company intends to play a key role in the telephony market, starting from the mid-range up to the top of the range, thus strengthening its presence in Western Europe.

In 2020 the manufacturer landed on 4 new European markets, reaching a total of 12 countries in Europe. The next step for the company is to secure a leading role in Europe among smart device manufacturers over the next 3 years. In order for the new and ambitious goal to be achieved, OPPO has signed strategic partnerships with the main network operators, which will also serve to develop future 5G innovation.

Furthermore, in order to increase brand awareness in Europe, collaborations have also started with renowned brands: among these Roland-Garros, Rolex Paris Masters, FC Barcelona and Lamborghini. Another goal set by OPPO is to invest more in the R&D division to develop smart technologies. The next major event on the calendar has been set for 11 March, the date on which the new flagship series Find X3. We leave you to the words of Maggie Xue, president of the company's Western Europe division.

While the last year has been incredibly busy for many, we've all realized the importance of technology in helping people stay connected to each other. The unprecedented growth that OPPO has seen in Europe in 2020 makes us extremely proud because it means that we are providing excellent products capable of meeting all the needs of our customers.

We have set an ambitious goal for the next few years which is to become one of the main producers in Europe: we are convinced that we will be able to achieve this goal. It is the same ambition that drives the true innovation, progress and values ​​of our company

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