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OPPO wants a sustainable ecosystem: this is how it respects the environment

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Yesterday was there Earth Day and to celebrate it, OPPO donated 1.000 trees to the forests of Ecuador and Cameroon to sensitize its fans to respect the environment. But the brand's commitment to the environment and nature is not limited only to this day: the company aims to build a sustainable ecosystem and respect the environment in all its activities.

To make everyone aware of its green policies, OPPO wanted to set the record straight and explained how it strives to respect the environment and all the policies adopted for this purpose. Since 2004, the company has made many contributions to facilitate sustainability initiatives and to improve the well-being of users, employees and society as a whole, as well as reducing the impact on the environment.

As stated by the founder and CEO Tony Chen, sustainability has always been an integral part of the OPPO development strategy during this time, and the company will continue to invest in this sense, also through the help of partners. The goals achieved by the company in the field of sustainability have been certified by TUV Rheinland based on international standards and these verifications attest to OPPO's work aimed at creating a circular economy.

The latter is based, in the company's vision, inadoption of sustainable production processes starting from the design up to the packaging of the products, passing through the transformation of raw materials. TÜV Rheinland has certified the sustainable management of resources by the brand and also the reduced emissions.

How OPPO respects the environment

oppo eco-sustainable production

What are the policies and processes that the brand adopts to guarantee a sustainable ecosystem and a minimum environmental impact? As also highlighted in an official infographic, a whole series of practices have been adopted in respect of the environment. In 2020 OPPO has recycled products for a weight of 13 times greater than in 2019 and used more renewable materials.

La recycled plastic now it makes up up to 35% of the components of its smartphones. In addition, the company has reduced it general waste of 42,7% and the greenhouse gas emissions by 20% again in 2020. In terms of product design, just to give an example, the Reno3 packaging weighs 24% less than that of the Reno2, with 90% less plastic use.

OPPO uses modular designs for its products to ensure much simpler repairs and replacements of components, and provides free system and software update services to ensure greater product longevity.

Great attention for employees and users

A great deal of attention was also paid to employees: The company organized over 670.000 hours of training last year to help employees plan and develop their careers.

Great efforts have been made to preserve the user privacy with the addition of innovative features to ColorOS 11, and this is also testified by the fact that OPPO has obtained privacy certifications of the caliber of ISO (ISO / IEC 27001, 27018, 29151), TrustArc and ePrivacy.

Humanitarian initiatives

During the pandemic OPPO also took care of supporting people in difficulty around the world with its economic and non-economic resources. In the Philippines, the collaboration with S resulted in the donation of 100 OPPO A12e smartphones and 100 Rock Space Bluetooth headphones, in Thailand 20.000 N95 masks for medical personnel and medical kits were donated to over 13 hospitals in the nation.

Aid also arrived in Italy, with the donation of hundreds of thousands of masks during the first wave. Cultural initiatives such as the Campus Global Emerging Artists Project Renovators program launched in 150 universities are also mentioned.

OPPO says it wants to further improve its sustainability initiatives to create a better future for all mankind and will soon publish its full 2020 sustainability report on the official website.

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