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oppo x 2021 extensible smartphone

OPPO X 2021 sports its extendable display in a hands-on video

di Michael Frosty

Folders could become outdated sooner than we imagine, because the new trend on the smartphone market could become the extensible smartphones. So far, 3 manufacturers have already shown a prototype to the public: OPPO, LG and TCL, but we know that Samsung also has one in the pipeline. As for the former, the name of its first extensible smartphone is Oppo X 2021.

We don't know when the company will bring such a device to market, but its extendable mobile phone is undoubtedly the one that has appeared most online so far. The device, presented atINNO Day 2020, has recently been shown in a video hands on that shows all the magic of its extendable display. A OLED panel capable of stretching from 6,7 inches to 7,4 inches with a simple swipe on the edge, turning into a real tablet. And with a similar gesture, she shortens again, returning to a classic smartphone.

In the meantime that OPPO X 2021 extends and retracts, ColorOS automatically adapts its user interface to the form factor of the device. The prototype of the smartphone, in the hands of the YouTuber Brandon LKS, shows itself with an elegant white rear body and a traffic light camera module top left. The left side of the display is curved, while the right side is not. A solution certainly more practical than a classic foldable, but for now there is still no information regarding the marketing of OPPO X 2021 or similar.

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